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Thursday, September 6, 2012

“Wild Ghana?” Anas, Joy FM, Multi TV Rape 52 Women twice, hurray!!!

I used to have respect for Anas Aremeyaw Anas. It is sad he has become a rapist. Most Ghanaian media houses, particularly the Twi speaking stations make a circus of rape cases. Size of the penis, intensity of hump, nature of moans, everything else matters more than the story itself; that a human being has been abused and thus needs support and justice. We choose sensationalism over duty, but somehow in my Wild dreams I expected a little more from Joy FM and Multi TV.

If a bottle of poison is left on a table unlabeled and I know it is poison though I didn’t put it there, then I watch on as a young man pick up the bottle and drink its content, I killed the man. I am a killer.

How can anyone watch over 52 women get raped and wait to be called a hero some three months later? How come one woman was not enough to have Anas jump in and kick the ass of that monster of a Doctor? Why did we need 51 more women to be captured on camera to get us (interested?) excited?

Dear Anas, you have become a huge monster like the Rapist. Over 52 women? And you just watched? You wanted a big story, didn’t you? Oh but do you think 52 is big enough? Why didn’t we wait till we got to a thousand women? That would have been biiiiig! I hope you are happy now that some irresponsible media houses like Joy FM and Multi TV as well as some idle Ghanaians are calling your condoning act a “Must Watch.” Congratulations.

“Wild Ghana?” I agree! We are so recklessly wild that an award winning investigative journalist forgets the need to fight for justice, protect the vulnerable, and inform the people who trust him in a timely manner without needless sensationalism.

We are so effing wild that a reputable media house like Joy FM, would put such a shitty story on their website:

Ghana is soooo god damn wild that we wait to watch one man rape over 52 women, before he pulls their babies out of them and then talk about it casually like a soccer game.

We are wild! We want to see blood! Woman blood! 52 and more!

We forget that an abortion is a private affair and one who decides to go through with it needs medical and emotional support and not such exposure to Wild Ghana’s need for a blockbuster series.

The abused Women do not need an audience, they don’t need our dear Wild Ghana to sit behind screens and discuss their ordeal with judgmental tongues.

Joy FM, Multi TV, Anas, since we want to go wild and we don’t understand civility, good judgment, justice and privacy anymore; I say go fuck yourselves at the Freedom and Justice Arch.

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