of peculiar flowers/like sound of laughter/fluid in words you could spell/only after lettering down/libations on territories/virgin with mystic bites/of your footsteps/creating gardens/of hope beyond tales

Monday, August 8, 2016

What the KasapaFMOnline Apology to Kaya Adwoa Forson should have read

On the morning of Monday August 8, 2016, we published a story on Ghanaian Swimmer Kaya Adwoa Forson.
On the morning of Monday August 8, 2016, we IRRESPONSIBLY and APPALLINGLY published a story that referred to the TALENTED 14 YEAR OLD Ghanaian Swimmer Kaya Adwoa Forson, as SEXY.
The headline referred to her person as ‘Sexy’. We have since corrected the error.
Our UNFORTUNATE HEADLINE indeed reflects how low we have sunk in performing our duties as journalists. If sexiness could win Olympic medals perhaps we could have an excuse for being the PERVERTS you have rightly pointed us out to be. wishes to apologize to Adwoa Forson and all who were hurt by how the headline was captioned. The story was in no way seeking to objectify her person.

KASAPAFMONLINE.COM REALLY HAS NO EXCUSE.  This is just PLAIN STUPIDITY and an ABSOLUTE DISREGARD for OUR RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS CHILDREN.  We did not only objectify Adwoa Forson, we also effectively condoned inappropriate sexual behaviour towards Junior High School PUPILS.
We wish Adwoa Forson well at the Olympics. As started this morning, we are celebrating all members of Team Ghana at the ongoing Games.
ADWOA FORSON is only 14 years old but she is already making Ghana PROUD. We as fully grown adults have failed at our jobs and fucked up Ghana even further.

Thank you

AtwommÉ” Editor

You make God so real Adoley

You loved it when I said hell is only a place
Out of your two million shoes
you picked up a pair
dusted it and walked out of hell

You are flying across oceans
wearing high heels meant for your feet
my love, my friend, my little sister
you make God so real

Do you remember when we cried
when we were so afraid that maybe
tomorrow will swallow us up
and spit us out
at a place that will kill our dreams?

Do you remember
how we sat on the floor
in that single room apartment and ate
Plantains, Kontomire and Kobi?

Did you know that today
when I think about you
is what chokes me
till my eyes collect tears
like rain on the eight day of August
when you, this fantastic creature
was born with that terrible morning breath of yours
and a heart that finds its way to laughter 

Happy Birthday precious love 

Pillow fight

My pillow ate half of my neck last night and left pain
sticking out like a fish bone on an emptied plate
One, don’t take work to your bedroom
Two, sit upright and smile at nothing
Three, get up and stretch like a baby’s yawn
Four, drink more water like the Harmattan
Five, eat something more than mangoes and coffee
Six, lift your head up from the screen and call your mother
Seven, masturbate and hug your pillow
This is the only way to stop your pillow from eating
any part of your body on a Sunday night

Thursday, December 24, 2015

And then I knew…

You don’t find love
You create it
within yourself
till it overflows
and falls around you
pushing everything
to pick it up
and give it back
like you create it
so tenderly 
so knowingly


Thursday, October 1, 2015

There are stories

My stomach walls
are flooded with tears

I am full
starved of love, laughter and sex
There is nothing to be said after
Story story story


I mean it
For my stories
It was all true, you know?
The way it happened
The way I said it happened

But it hurts you,
My stories hurt you
because you 
want to be
my story

You, saviour
You, all
Me, nothing
without you
Me, yours

Was it the way I told it,  
that I told you,
or that it happened
with me
at the center of it all
being the villain,
cutting myself and losing pieces of me
stinging others and becoming them
trying to sew it back on
the pieces I lost
like a hero
flesh to flesh
blood dripping
scars forming
memories jammed
as I call your name
asking you to stay
when you had already left
not giving a fuck about my story
the way it happened
the way I said it happened

Thursday, May 28, 2015


I thought maybe
I should tell you that
these days
nothing is okay


I wanted to tell you
that you have become




Hey, I


it’s been a while
just checking in
I miss you
Is everything okay?


I saw your picture on Instagram today
You look good, happy
Take care


Hey sup
I was thinking about you the other time
Yeah, took that photo at Winneba, thanks
Will be going back there next week
you good?


Yeah, thanks


I thought maybe
I should tell you that
these days
nothing is okay


Sunday, May 10, 2015


Every now and then
I remember to give  
my mother a hug
to ask her how she is doing
how she feels
what she wants

I try to match the attention
and love she gives me everyday  
I buy her gifts
not for her birthday
not for mother’s day
just because I thought about her
when I entered the store

Every now and then
I see her unconditional love
and question mine
because every time I have said she is awesome
It’s been right after she’s fed me
picked up my call in the middle of the night
lent me some money
told me my shoe size when I had forgotten
forced me to drink herbs that took away my cold

Every now and then I wish
I wouldn’t forget
that she is human too
with fears and dreams and flaws and favourite colours— 
I don’t know my mother’s favourite colour
Does my mother have a favourite colour?

Every now and then if
I would look into mama’s eyes
and tell her
don’t make your entire life about me, about us— your children, your husband, your family
Live mama, live for you every now and then
chase your dreams every now and then
face your fears every now and then
forget about me every now and then
Live mama
Live everyday
so when you die
You won’t be a tired ancestor  
watching over me
wishing you had wet your feet
in the deep blue sea