of peculiar flowers/like sound of laughter/fluid in words you could spell/only after lettering down/libations on territories/virgin with mystic bites/of your footsteps/creating gardens/of hope beyond tales

Monday, August 8, 2016

You make God so real Adoley

You loved it when I said hell is only a place
Out of your two million shoes
you picked up a pair
dusted it and walked out of hell

You are flying across oceans
wearing high heels meant for your feet
my love, my friend, my little sister
you make God so real

Do you remember when we cried
when we were so afraid that maybe
tomorrow will swallow us up
and spit us out
at a place that will kill our dreams?

Do you remember
how we sat on the floor
in that single room apartment and ate
Plantains, Kontomire and Kobi?

Did you know that today
when I think about you
is what chokes me
till my eyes collect tears
like rain on the eight day of August
when you, this fantastic creature
was born with that terrible morning breath of yours
and a heart that finds its way to laughter 

Happy Birthday precious love