of peculiar flowers/like sound of laughter/fluid in words you could spell/only after lettering down/libations on territories/virgin with mystic bites/of your footsteps/creating gardens/of hope beyond tales

Sunday, May 10, 2015


Every now and then
I remember to give  
my mother a hug
to ask her how she is doing
how she feels
what she wants

I try to match the attention
and love she gives me everyday  
I buy her gifts
not for her birthday
not for mother’s day
just because I thought about her
when I entered the store

Every now and then
I see her unconditional love
and question mine
because every time I have said she is awesome
It’s been right after she’s fed me
picked up my call in the middle of the night
lent me some money
told me my shoe size when I had forgotten
forced me to drink herbs that took away my cold

Every now and then I wish
I wouldn’t forget
that she is human too
with fears and dreams and flaws and favourite colours— 
I don’t know my mother’s favourite colour
Does my mother have a favourite colour?

Every now and then if
I would look into mama’s eyes
and tell her
don’t make your entire life about me, about us— your children, your husband, your family
Live mama, live for you every now and then
chase your dreams every now and then
face your fears every now and then
forget about me every now and then
Live mama
Live everyday
so when you die
You won’t be a tired ancestor  
watching over me
wishing you had wet your feet
in the deep blue sea

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