of peculiar flowers/like sound of laughter/fluid in words you could spell/only after lettering down/libations on territories/virgin with mystic bites/of your footsteps/creating gardens/of hope beyond tales

Monday, February 21, 2011

A third try

I am a serial killer. This would be a third try at blogging towards me. I usually give up after three posts, I let my blogs die. I would all of a sudden feel omg! these people are reading into my life; the exactitude of imperfection, my thoughts; the only true asylum, my HEAD, a scared temple! No Nana don't allow it, they will judge you, they will try to define you, they will tie you up with words and throw you into a match box. Run into your scared temple where no one can step onto your altar with unwelcome feet.

And so I run to my note book. Writing is important to me more than blood is to the human body. I need to keep writing to feel the temperature of my breath. I write, when you ask me who I am or what I do, "I Write" is all I am sure of.

For someone who stays in her head a lot, it is a difficult thing for me to keep a blog. I have 10 million images as thoughts at every second. I don't find it needful to tell you what I am thinking...I like to think alone, I enjoy the splash of images in my fashionably big head.

And when I write, I like to think the words are not mine. I am in a struggle to find a way to feel less vulnerable when I blog towards me. I keep several blogs on different sites, and I am active on each one of them because I write under a penname and on specific subjects. Here, I am Nana Nyarko Boateng and I am afraid to be surprised by the boundlessness of all of whom I am. I fear that I may contradict myself or step on your shadow. I am absolutely inefficient at sculpting out a part of me to hang as all the edges you will find in my being.

I ramble on and forward because on this third try I need your help. In my go Beyond Tales

don't expect me to please you, it is as unnecessary as praying for snow in accra.
don't trouble yourself with trying to define me, you can't, damn it , I can't!
expect poetry, I love her and really I can't live without her.
don't try to please me with nice comments. (I wan't to hear what you think from where you sit, forget about hurting my feelings, lying to me would be worse).
as you can see in my photo I am not a man, now stop referring to me as Mr. Boateng!

Ok, so I will try to connect with you as often as possible. simplicity, love and beauty can never be overrated. Theses are my goals.



  1. And I hope you stay this time round. You are the first person I followed on blogger, only to realise that I would have nothing to read from you. :)... so stay. Let the definers define their definition :) forget it. You are a writer and I know you are not afraid of stating your mind. The rest is all Cow Dung... Dang it into the hoop. Your unique use of words show up even here, where you are just scribbling things you feel. That's what the world need to know, your uniqueness. If they can't handle it, it's their own cup of VODKA... :) peace

  2. Nana, :-) this is a promise to you and only you, now here is a gurl who makes no promises, so it's a big deal! I demand you wear your biggest brightest smile right now! lol. I will stay not because I am certain of anything but because you make it easier for me to assert it, I thank you for your friendship. and oh I will always remember the rest is "Cow Dung...Dang it into the hoop" ;-) It feels nice to know you are around. In literature and in Life! <3

  3. My favourite line "as you can see in my photo I am not a man, now stop referring to me as Mr. Boateng!:....Gee- how much of that does a young intelligent African woman deal with ei!!!!!

    You write beautifully (as always)- Stay in you mind more than in the world dear; it's the safest place yet...

    Crystal Tettey

  4. Crystal! I say, so so emails with "Dear Mr Boateng" ah aden? lol

    Thanks gurl! you are always so full of love. you say I for stay in my mind more eh? ebi you talk ah den ebi finally that, I hear, I go dey d3r plenty!

    hugs and one macho kiss...:-)

  5. Nana you are such a genius - don't blush! It is the truth. I have always been following your poems. My favorite is the 7th December palm wine. Trust me! I will be there waiting for you as we wait to savor the strength
    what we taste, we shall spit or sip some more.

    stay blessed.


    1. Eben-Ezer, your kind words are such beautiful gifts for a Saturday morning. I thank you. :)

  6. Nana, Do me a favor. Give me some more of such great poetry. It always reminds me of some years gone by.

    Great men and women of poetry are really few but I know and believe you stand so tall amongst them.

    1. oh wow! you know how to boost a poet's confidence! Thank you Eben-Ezer! :) I'll try to post more poetry just for you. :)

    2. Still waiting ...