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Monday, February 28, 2011

Why do we dance the way we do?

Pounding harder than is good for a heart; I had to put down my pen to cool off. I was clearly not in darling mood some eight months ago to tackle this issue of ignorance; some Ghanaians called for the abolishment of chieftaincy. If you follow Ghanaian news, you would probably recall, the backward and forward discussions that was engendered. I can say now that, there won’t come a day when I would consider chiefs as super humans and so take an exception to they being chastised for their wrong doings, of course not! Irresponsible chiefs like irresponsible leaders at every level of our social structure ought to be dethroned. But I was shocked and a little angry not for what I heard but much for what we do not know. Do we really think that chieftaincy is a thing we can just abolish?

Does it not matter that our ancestors found the need for royalty? Royalty as meant to be the highest quality of life, thoughts and spirits at service to the masses. Royalty is intended to be an inspiration for development and unity. Royals are ordinary women and men who learn to act in a distinct progressive way. The essence of royalty is not in the display of wealth and elegance. It is a tool intended for the continuity of wealth and wholeness. People who feel worthy of their person; of leadership, give themselves power to think higher of their existence and to affect change. It is from an inner source that royals are made. It may be troublesome that blood gets in the way of things but people who learn to align themselves with higher discovery and adventure are royals in their own rights.

The reverence and respect royals earn should match theirs resourcefulness and regards for progressive continuity of the human race in peace. We cannot detach ourselves from our culture and expect to matter. It won’t happen. So, where are we going now; to abolish chieftaincy? If we dare try, there is going to be such a huge vacuum and tell me, which one of us is prepared to take over from our chiefs?

Let us by no means belittle the power of our chiefs: Chiefs as political leaders, Chiefs as cultural leaders, Chiefs as spirit stewards, Chiefs as humans, Chiefs as steward of history, and Royalty, as an inversion of chaos and total extinction of our heritage.

When was the last time you heard the poetry of linguists, when was the last time you danced to our ingenuous music, when was the last time you attended a traditional festival in your area, when was the last time you joined in giving thanks to your ancestors and the gods for not giving up on us yet?

Standards from the west, standards from the west often leave us with nothing to stand on, we slip, we fall hard, we may never get up.


  1. OMG... -I salute you- This has been a long standing topic of argument which hasnt been spoken about so passionately like you just did. I salute you. Thanks for dropping another dose of true wisdom, not only beautiful writing.

  2. thanks Mawuli for your kind words. Your comment made me read over and I realize I wrote "pounding harder that" instead of "pounding harder than"....:( I bon small lol. Thanks for reading man! I have started stalking you on your blog already...;-)good stuff! Bless!

  3. Nana, I could write a dissertation on how hard we have fallen. It saddens me to hear the excuses that our society makes of robbing us of our history and identity. I get angry at all the Christian rhetoric and the western civilization rhetoric that flood our radio stations. If chieftaincy is abolished, Ghanaians like me, will forever be doomed to searching for the meaning of our existence. Goethe points out that a nation that does not have 3000 years of national memory is not worth belonging to. Why do we work so hard to destroy our national heritage?

    Nana, my heart is racing. What do we do?

  4. oh Dela, how I wish I knew. I guess we can save ourselves first and keep screaming like mad women because we wont be part of this shame anymore. we will ask what we do not know we we feel what we feel and not what we have been taught to feel. we will learn the essence of our names, dance, cries god damn it we will be us, unafraid that we are different, unafraid that we might stand alone.

    My heart races with you, we can not give up.